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Are you still on Social Media?

My first Social Media was Myspace back in mid 2005, it was something new and interesting. Then I discovered Facebook during my first year of college in 2006. It was great at first then when Facebook put it out to the mass public, it went all bad. I finally deleted Facebook around 2012 cause that’s when I parents discovered it, lol. I got  twitter around 2009 cause I was doing online marketing at the time and I thought it was great for online communication with other marketers. I have yet to delete twitter. After Facebook, I got into Instagram right when it came out, it was much better cause I love taking photos. I will most likely delete Instagram at the end of the year, no longer interesting. How about you? what’s your story on social media?

I Don’t Want To Work Anymore, Just Want To Stay Home

I have a very good full time job, but I no longer want to work for them. Half of my paycheck goes toward the rent each month and that’s just not right. I been thinking about buying a van and doing the van life like some people are now starting to do. I’m paying about $1400 per month on rent, not including utilities which is way too much for a single individual living in a city.

I’m still single, no kids, so this is probably the best time to take this action. Have you ever been in this situation? What is your advice?