Are you still on Social Media?

My first Social Media was Myspace back in mid 2005, it was something new and interesting. Then I discovered Facebook during my first year of college in 2006. It was great at first then when Facebook put it out to the mass public, it went all bad. I finally deleted Facebook around 2012 cause that’s when I parents discovered it, lol. I got  twitter around 2009 cause I was doing online marketing at the time and I thought it was great for online communication with other marketers. I have yet to delete twitter. After Facebook, I got into Instagram right when it came out, it was much better cause I love taking photos. I will most likely delete Instagram at the end of the year, no longer interesting. How about you? what’s your story on social media?

I Don’t Want To Work Anymore, Just Want To Stay Home

I have a very good full time job, but I no longer want to work for them. Half of my paycheck goes toward the rent each month and that’s just not right. I been thinking about buying a van and doing the van life like some people are now starting to do. I’m paying about $1400 per month on rent, not including utilities which is way too much for a single individual living in a city.

I’m still single, no kids, so this is probably the best time to take this action. Have you ever been in this situation? What is your advice?


Don’t Shop at Amazon

Amazon is ruining this world of ours, retailers are closing down and people are losing their jobs. Amazon have created a no competition business company, cheaper products and faster delivery. Sure, its for for consumers but bad for economy in a long run. They were good in the beginning then they started selling and buying everything, mom and pops store can’t compete with that. That’s probably why President Trump is tweeting about Amazon cause he knows what’s up. Let me know what you think? Comment below

MLB Opening Day 2018

I can’t believe it’s already opening day in Major League Baseball 2018. The Houston Astros are the defending World Series Champion and my team, Oakland A’s hopefully will make it to the playoffs this year. Dodgers fan think they gonna win it all finally this year, but I think the Cubs will win it this year. I’m looking forward to going to games this year specially when my Oakland A’s plays the Anaheim Angels here in Orange County.